Dr. Eric Rumack specializes in disability claims and medical case management providing the following services to the corporate and industrial sector since 1988:

  • hands-on complex case management (short/long term disability, workers' compensation)
  • benefits administration and STD/LTD/WC claims management systems
  • return to work, modified work and rehabilitative employment programs
  • fitness to work, accommodation and disability related clinical medical assessments
  • insurance company benefit entitlement issues and determinations
  • workers' compensation claims control and management systems
  • human resource and labour relations medically related consultations
  • medicolegal opinions on causation, disability and future employability
  • lectures and presentations on disability and case management strategies
  • mediation and co-mediation of disability related disputes
  • workplace health promotion and health education programs
  • occupational medicine program development and management

Chronic disability can be professionally and ethically managed to the benefit of employee and employer.

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Dr. Eric Rumack
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Bus: 647-822-2896 | Email: doctor@rumack.ca