Disability Profile

Here is a profile of an employee or claimant at high risk for a long term absence from work and who will likely require assistance to manage and prevent chronic disability:

  • any absence from work greater than 6 weeks in duration
  • three or more previous absences from work on short term disability and/or workers' compensation benefits
  • previous absence from work and/or disability lasting more than 3 months in duration
  • multiple medical diagnoses - especially psychiatric or substance abuse
  • multiple health care providers involved in care
  • not responding to treatment or inconsistent clinical findings
  • substance abuse (alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription medications)
  • medical statement indicating the need for work restrictions or limitations to prevent harm
  • psychosocial problems and external stressors - significant loss, marital breakdown, financial problems, child care or elder care demands, criminal charges
  • occupational problems - absenteeism, performance difficulties, plant downsizing, job insecurity, low seniority, limited transferable skills, interpersonal conflicts with co-workers or supervision
  • perception that someone is to blame for injury/illness - work injury, accident
  • allegations that they have been wronged - harassment, discrimination
  • litigation or threat of legal representation


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